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A key goal of the Digital Pakistan is to create a digital ecosystem with infrastructure and institutional frameworks for the rapid delivery of innovative digital services, applications and content. Pakistan’s e-commerce is expected to reach a benchmark of 1 Billion$ in 2020 as projected by an earlier report by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). But the potential of Pakistan’s e-commerce is far greater than what we are observing. 

Digital Pakistan & ePromoters

Established in 2012, ePromoters is one of the leading digital agencies of Pakistan and with a team of 100+, there is immense experience working on products, projects & campaigns of varied domains & sizes. Our Digital agency has worked with many big firms and satisfied and elevated their business.

Our founders come with a diverse background of working at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Carrefour and are considered to be the thought leaders in their domains and along with other key members of our team talk frequently at various conferences and events.

Technology is changing the way consumers are living their everyday lives and only those brands and companies will survive the challenge that accept this digital transformation and are acting fast to embrace the future.

At ePromoters, we appreciate this constantly changing environment and work with brands, transforming their user expectations into digital experiences.

Working at an intersection of technology and media, our expertise lies in the areas of Digital Strategy, Creative, Search Engines, Media and beyond our services wing, there is an in-house venture arm that works on cutting edge solutions to fuel our own product initiatives.

If above is what you’re looking for in your digital partner, drop us a note!

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