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prohibited products items on daraz pk

Selling on Prohibited Products List

Selling on Prohibited Products List 560 300 Danish Hussain

Sellers of must refrain from uploading prohibited products and others like them onto the website as the Quality Control team will immediately reject them.

Below is the list of products which are Counterfeit, Dangerous, and those which are Prohibited by law. For such reasons these brands and products are not allowed on Daraz:

List of Prohibited Items
Edibles and drinks
Used vegetable ghee and cooking oil
Alcoholic beverages and spirits
Brewery machinery for alcoholic beverages
Pork products
Religious / cultural material
Religious and Anti-Religious material: Books, caligraphy, publications etc
Jammers/ Descramblers
Bank card readers/ skimmers
Non-PTA approved Phones,
Spy Equipment
GSM Watch
Spy equipment and device
High beam Lasers (Exception: laser pointers used for presentations)
Drones and accessories (Prohibited for Crossborder sellers only)
Gas Compressors (All types)
C Line, Dish TV, Star Track, Related Satellite Services
Egg Swings
Arms, ammunition, combat / Self-defence gear and weapons
Imitation firearms/paraphernalia
Weapons and accesories
Machinery for arms and ammunition
Arms and Ammunition/ Parts and accessories of arms and ammunition non-prohibited bores.
Knives & daggers (Exception: Kitchen knives)
Apparel and accesories
Military decorations, medals and awards
Military/Law enforcement agency uniforms
Products with Inappropriate / Revelaing Innerwear images
Stolen goods
Used goods (Only approved for pre-selected sellers for the Mobiles and laptop category – New seller aquisition closed)
Smoking Accesories
Cigarettes, E-cigarettes and any related accesories (Example: rolling paper, pods, mods, coils, wicks etc)
Recreational or adult products
Gambling equipment
Kite, Kite Strings or related accesories
18+ products ( Example: Pornographic books, posters, artwork, adult toys)
Illegal monetary and non-montary transactional items or services
Giveaways, lotteries, raffles, or contests
Stocks, bonds, investment interests, and other securities
Digital currencies
Invoices/ blank
Bulk email or mailing lists that contain personally identifiable information
Illegal Services
Security printing, Currency and mint.
Birth certificates, driving licenses, passports and visas
Offer financial services, including money transfers, issuing bank guarantees and letters of credit, loans, fundraising and funding for person investment purposes, etc.
Toxic, hazardous, biological, explosive material
Radioactive substances
Live animals, animal semen and embryos
Human blood and its fractions.
Medical or healthcare advisory services
Coal, iron, iron ore, gold, titanium ore, vanadium ore, and rare earth minerals.
Hazardous or combustible materials/ flammable substances
Products containing Aerosol
Medicine, Surgical / Dental equipment, Proteins, supplements and veterinary equipment and medicine
Masks & Sanitizers
Items related to the above categories are prohibited for all unapproved existing or new sellers. Currently Daraz is not on-boarding any new or existing seller wishing to sell in these categories. Any unapproved seller found to be operating in these categories will be permanently delisted. MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE 600 300 Khatijah Mehmed

AE Amazon site

Amazon collects the lower of the applicable fees stated below and any fees communicated to you by Amazon (such as promotional fees that Amazon may provide from time to time). This does not apply to certain sellers, such as warranty providers and other service providers, who will continue to pay selling fees in accordance with the rates provided in their program agreements. charges by category of the product, as listed below.

CategoriesReferral Fee
Consumer Electronics5%
Electronics Accessories10%
Gift Cards5%
Health & Personal Care9%
Major appliances5%
Mobile Phones4%
Music instruments15%
Office products10%
PC store5%
Personal care Appliances9%
Pet Products9%
Portable Audio10%
Small Appliances10%
Stamps collectibles10%
Video & DVD10%
Video Game Consoles5%
Video Games10%
All Other Categories10%



Saying a digital marketing strategy works isn’t enough — you need to prove it.

That’s why tracking and measuring online marketing campaigns and their results is so important. You need the data to not only prove the effectiveness of your strategies but also find opportunities to improve them.

How should you track digital marketing, though? What are the best practices to follow and tools to use?

Our five tips for tracking your online marketing and its results include:

  1. Use Google Analytics
  2. Create custom goals in Google Analytics
  3. Invest in call tracking software
  4. Set up UTM parameters to track campaigns
  5. Build dashboards to track strategy performance

Keep reading to learn more!

1.    Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track your online marketing performance and results — it’s free too.

Whether your company operates in the business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) sector, you can benefit from using Google Analytics and making it a part of your process for tracking and measuring your digital marketing campaigns.

ePromoters – May 2020 Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, for example, you can track:

  • Traffic mediums, like organic search, social media, and paid ads
  • Traffic sources, like Google, Facebook, or another website
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Online conversions
  • And more

Essentially, with Google Analytics, you can answer questions like:

  • Where does our website traffic come from?
  • Which pages get the most views?
  • Which pages get the most conversions?
  • Who visits our website?
  • How do people navigate and explore our site?
  • How much website traffic do we get each day, week, month, quarter, or year?

The best part is that you can link Google Analytics with Google Data Studio.

ePromoters – April-May 2020 Google Analytics

Google Data Studio is a free reporting tool (from Google) that imports data from Google’s various tools, as well as third-party tools like AdRoll, CallRail, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

With Google Data Studio, you can turn your data into visual reports that quickly summarize your digital marketing performance.

daraz commission MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE 1024 576 Khatijah Mehmed deducts commission from the seller payment depending on which category the product belongs to. So find the category of your product and know exactly how much you will be charged as commission

You can find below the commission charged by Daraz, as per the specific category of the product.

CategorySub CategoryCommissions
 Home Appliances 
Home AppliancesAll other Home Appliances2.50%
 Computers & Laptops 
Computer AccessoriesUninterrupted Power Supply5.10%
Computer AccessoriesAll Computer Accessories12.90%
Computers ComponentsAll Computer Components4.30%
Desktop ComputersAll Desktops Computers4.30%
LaptopsAll Laptops1.70%
PC GamingGaming Desktop Computers1.70%
PC GamingGaming Laptops1.70%
PC GamingPC Games4.30%
PC GamingAll other PC Gaming12.90%
Printers & AccessoriesFax machines6.00%
Printers & AccessoriesInk6.00%
Printers & AccessoriesInkjets Inks6.00%
Printers & AccessoriesPrinter cutter6.00%
Printers & AccessoriesPrinter memory modules6.00%
Printers & AccessoriesPrinter Stands6.00%
Printers & AccessoriesAll other Printers & Accessories5.10%
ScannersAll Scanners6.00%
StorageAll Storage4.30%
Tablet AccessoriesAll Tablet Accessories12.90%
Computers & LaptopsAll other Computers & Laptops8.60%
AutomotiveAuto Oils & Fluids4.30%
AutomotiveMotorcycle & ATV - Motorcycles2.50%
AutomotiveAll other Automotive8.60%
MotorcycleATVs & UTVs2.50%
MotorcycleCruiser Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleCustom Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleElectric Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleMoto oils & Fluids4.30%
MotorcycleOffroad Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleStandard Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleTouring Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleTrailers for Bikes2.50%
MotorcycleAll other Motorcycle8.60%
MotorsAll other Motors8.60%
 TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables 
Home EntertainmentAll Home Entertainment5.10%
Live Sound & Stage EquipmentAll Live Sound & Stage Equipment5.10%
Smart SpeakersAll Smart Speakers5.10%
AudioAll other Audio8.60%
NintendoAll other Nintendo5.10%
Other GamingAll Other Gaming12.90%
PlayStationDigital Downloads5.10%
PlayStationPlayStation VR Headsets1.70%
PlayStationAll other PlayStation12.90%
Console GamingAll other Console Gaming5.10%
GamesAll Games5.10%
Gaming AccessoriesAll Gaming Accessories12.90%
Gaming ConsolesAll Gaming Consoles1.70%
Nintendo 3DSConsoles1.70%
Nintendo DSConsoles1.70%
Nintendo SwitchConsoles1.70%
Other GamingAll Other Gaming12.90%
PS VitaConsoles1.70%
Wii UConsoles1.70%
Xbox 360Consoles1.70%
Xbox OneConsoles1.70%
GamingAll other Gaming8.60%
Home Audio & TheaterAll Home Audio & Theater5.10%
TelevisionsAll Televisions2.50%
TV AccessoriesAll TV Accessories8.60%
Fitness & Activity Tracker AccessoriesAll Fitness & Activity Tracker Accessories12.90%
Fitness & Activity TrackersAll Fitness & Activity Trackers3.40%
Gesture ControlAll Gesture Control12.90%
Smart GlassesAll Smart Glasses3.40%
Smart TrackersAll Smart Trackers3.40%
SmartWatchesAll SmartWatches3.40%
Smartwatches AccessoriesAll Smartwatches Accessories3.40%
Virtual RealityMobile VR4.30%
Virtual RealityPC VR4.30%
Virtual RealityAll Virtual Reality12.90%
Wearable TechnologyAll Wearable Technology3.40%
TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & WearablesAll other TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables8.60%
 Bags and Travel 
Bags and TravelAll Bags and Travel8.60%
 Bedding & Bath 
Bedding & BathAll Bedding & Bath12.90%
Camera AccessoriesMemory Cards4.30%
Instant CameraAll Instant Camera3.40%
LensesAll Lenses3.40%
MirrorlessAll Mirrorless3.40%
OpticsAll Optics3.40%
Point & ShootAll Point & Shoot3.40%
Video & Action CamcorderAll Video & Action Camcorder3.40%
CamerasAll Other Cameras5.10%
 Charity and Donation 
Charity and DonationAll Charity and Donation0.00%
Boys FashionBags8.60%
Boys FashionAll other Boys Fashion14.60%
Girls FashionBags8.60%
Girls FashionAll other Girls Fashion14.60%
Kids FashionAll Kids Fashion14.60%
Kids Unisex FashionAll Kids Unisex Fashion14.60%
Men - ClothingTraditional Clothing / Unstitched Fabric12.90%
Women - ClothingTraditional Clothing / Unstitched Fabric12.90%
FashionAll other Fashion17.20%
 Furniture & Décor 
FurnitureAll Furniture8.60%
Furniture & DécorAll other Furniture & Décor12.90%
GroceriesAll Groceries3.40%
 Health & Beauty 
Medical SuppliesAll Medical Supplies8.60%
Over The Counter MedicinesAll Over The Counter Medicines6.00%
ServicesAll Services8.60%
Health & BeautyAll other Health & Beauty12.90%
 Home & Living 
FurnitureAll Furniture8.60%
Home & LivingAll other Home & Living12.90%
Appliances Parts & AccessoriesAll Appliances Parts & Accessories8.60%
Cooling & HeatingAir Conditioning2.50%
Cooling & HeatingAir Treatment4.30%
Cooling & HeatingExhaust Fans8.60%
Cooling & HeatingFans8.60%
Cooling & HeatingHeaters4.30%
Cooling & HeatingWater Heaters4.30%
Cooling & HeatingAll other Cooling & Heating2.50%
Generators & Portable PowerAll Generators & Portable Power3.40%
Irons & Garment SteamersAll Irons & Garment Steamers8.60%
Kitchen AppliancesCooktops & Ranges6.00%
Kitchen AppliancesGas Stoves5.10%
Kitchen AppliancesMicrowaves & Parts4.30%
Kitchen AppliancesOvens5.10%
Kitchen AppliancesRange Hoods6.00%
Kitchen AppliancesWarming Drawers6.00%
Kitchen AppliancesWater Dispensers, Purifiers & Filters5.10%
Kitchen AppliancesAll other Kitchen Appliances3.40%
Large AppliancesCooktops6.00%
Large AppliancesDish Washers & Dryers3.40%
Large AppliancesElectric Grills6.00%
Large AppliancesFreezers3.40%
Large AppliancesHoods6.00%
Large AppliancesIce Makers8.60%
Large AppliancesLifestyle Appliances8.60%
Large AppliancesMicrowaves & Ovens4.30%
Large AppliancesRanges & Hobs6.00%
Large AppliancesRefrigerators3.40%
Large AppliancesSinks8.60%
Large AppliancesAll other Large Appliances3.40%
LightingAll Lighting12.90%
Sewing MachinesAll Sewing Machines8.60%
Small Kitchen AppliancesBakeware & Pastries12.90%
Small Kitchen AppliancesCoffee Machines & Accessories8.60%
Small Kitchen AppliancesCooktops5.10%
Small Kitchen AppliancesElectric Grills5.10%
Small Kitchen AppliancesMicrowaves & Ovens4.30%
Small Kitchen AppliancesWater Dispensers5.10%
Small Kitchen AppliancesAll other Small Kitchen Appliances8.60%
Vacuums & Floor CareAll Vacuums & Floor Care8.60%
Washers & DryersAll Washers & Dryers3.40%
 Kitchen & Dining 
Coffee & TeaAll Coffee & Tea8.60%
Kitchen & DiningAll other Kitchen & Dining12.90%
 Laundry & Cleaning 
Laundry & CleaningAll Laundry & Cleaning12.90%
LivestockAll Livestock2.50%
 Media, Music & Books 
BooksAll Books12.90%
eBooksAll eBooks12.90%
MagazinesAll Magazines12.90%
Media, Music & BooksAll other Media, Music & Books8.60%
 Mobiles & Tablets 
Landline PhonesAll Landline Phones8.60%
MobilesAll Mobiles2.50%
TabletsAll Tablets3.40%
Tablets 2-in-1All Tablets 2-in-13.40%
Mobiles & TabletsAll other Mobiles & Tablets12.90%
 Mother & Baby 
Baby Health CareAll Baby Health Care6.00%
Clothing & AccessoriesAll Clothing & Accessories14.60%
Diapering & PottyAll Diapering & Potty3.40%
FeedingAll Feeding3.40%
Mother & BabyAll other Mother & Baby8.60%
 Pet Supplies 
Pet SuppliesAll Pet Supplies3.40%
SampleAll Sample0.00%
 Service Product 
Service ProductAll Service Product0.00%
 Special Digital Products 
Special Digital ProductsAll Special Digital Products1.50%
 Special Promotion 
RamadanAll Ramadan8.60%
School Holidays SaleBack To School8.60%
 Sports & Outdoors 
Exercise & FitnessCardio Equipment4.30%
Shoes & ClothingAll Shoes & Clothing17.20%
Sport WatchesAll Sport Watches17.20%
Sport Watches & SunglassesAll Sport Watches & Sunglasses17.20%
Sports NutritionAll Sports Nutrition3.40%
Sports & OutdoorsAll Sports & Outdoors8.60%
 Stationery & Craft 
Paper ProductsComputer Form Paper3.40%
Paper ProductsCopier Paper3.40%
Paper ProductsFax Paper Rolls3.40%
Writing & CorrectionAll Writing & Correction3.40%
Stationery & CraftAll other Stationery & Craft4.30%
 Tools, DIY & Outdoor 
Lawn & GardenOutdoor & Gardening Power Tools3.40%
OutdoorAll Outdoor8.60%
Power ToolsAll Power Tools8.60%
Tools, DIY & OutdoorAll Tools, DIY & Outdoor12.90%
TopupAll Topup0.00%
 Toys & Games 
Toys & GamesAll Toys & Games8.60%
Toys, Kids & BabiesAll Toys, Kids & Babies8.60%
 Watches Sunglasses Jewellery 
WatchesUnisex - Sports3.40%
WatchesWomen - Sports3.40%
Watches Sunglasses JewelleryAll other Watches Sunglasses Jewellery17.20%
 Digital Goods 
Daraz Gift CardsAll Daraz Gift Cards0.00%
Financial ServicesInsurance4.30%
Games, Gift Cards & SoftwareAll Games, Gift Cards & Software1.70%
Home ServicesAll Home Services4.30%
Local VouchersActivities and Entertainment4.30%
Local VouchersApparel & Fashion8.60%
Local VouchersBeauty and Wellness12.90%
Local VouchersFood and Beverages8.60%
Local VouchersHotels & Travel6.00%
Digital GoodsAll other Digital Goods4.30%




When it comes to promoting your business through Digital Marketing, it can be a wastage of time and energy and money too. On the other hand, using the right tools and platforms can flourish your business within days.

Digital marketing nowadays is must-have for businesses to stay in for competition as well as updates. Companies need to know which type of marketing will work for their business as most small businesses don’t have a budget for the sake of trial and error.

Here are 10 types of Digital Marketing to promote your business:


The first thing which should be considered is SEO. It is the type of marketing that optimizes your content to bring more online traffic and engagement such as through Google and Bingo.

                           SEO is all about the right choice of phrases and keywords. Using appropriate keywords in content, which closely align with what our customer is looking for, brings in the organic traffic.

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen


SEM also plays an important role in successful marketing. SEM is the type of marketing that aims to increase the visibility of the website by a paid method.  You can run your ads on search engines by paying them. One of the significances of SEM is that google shows paid sites on the first page, which will automatically increase engagement.


According to a recent survey, the number of social media users worldwide is 3.484 billion, which means that it is most successful yet affordable platform for Digital Marketing especially for B2C business. Also, social media is the more friendly way to engage with your audience, to show what you are and what is your content about.


There are several Social Media platforms that provides an advertising opportunity. As said, it is the platform with the most active user. If you want to reach organic traffic you need to post authentic content on social media with paid ads, as it ensures that your brand is visible to those who are interested in your services.


It is also one of the types of Marketing and comes after SEM and SEO. For example, a person randomly searching some content relating his/her interest, firstly s/he’ll land on your site, and after that to your product or whatever services you are providing.

             Also adding reviews, blogs, reports will help your customer to get more satisfaction which will naturally promote engagement.


Affiliate marketing is the best tool for successful Digital Marketing.  Firstly, it reduces the workload. Secondly, there is no set cost and you can negotiate on the terms you pay to your affiliate.


In Digital Marketing the first thing which is considered is the company’s website. When a customer reaches your site, it gives the first impression of your brand and the type of services you are providing. Furthermore, it imparts professionalism and is an authentic medium to engage to your organic audience. 


Email marketing is the grayest medium of all.  Through email marketing you can send thousands of messages in bulk at a time, saving your time and energy. Also, you can target a specific audience as it is conventional and personal. Moreover, email marketing can be used to promote your content and you can also drive more audience to your website and social media links.

9.    PAY- PER – CLICK (PPC):

PPC is also a form of marketing where marketers pay every time a person clicks on their ad. This increase engagement on their site and helps them rank out in the crowd.


The last type of marketing place is T-V on which the general population spends over 4.5 hours a day, and is still one of the most important forms of medium as each country run ads in their native language, makes it more easy for one to understand the services you are providing and ultimately increases the traffic on your site.

10 simple



Social Media marketing is one of the most important and game changing approach. Social Media marketing can be a straight wastage of time, energy as well as money if you don’t follow right steps.   

Contrarily, having a focused mindset with killing tactics can take your business to next level. The key is to have an insight of how to strategically create, carry out, and measure the plan.

  Here are 10 simple steps for successful Social Media Analytics:


Have a clear idea of what and why. You must track the glitch because of which your marketing is lagging and to find and track the specific flaw is key to successful social media marketing.


 A clear and well determined mindset will assist you in defining your goal vividly, giving you a specific direction and will help you narrow down the theme of your content. Ask yourself what is your goal on this platform, Is it to build an audience? Increase website traffic? Strengthen branding?


For a successful Media Marketing, consistency is obligatory. Posting random blogs and graphics will not build a prosperous marketing strategy. Always keep in view the type of your content, variety of your audience and knowing when your audience are likely to engage with your content are steps to be considered.


For successful Media Marketing, create customs alerts as per according to your marketing goal so that you can track changes in the metrics that are most meaningful to your business. Programming an alert that detects spikes in traffic is a great way to stay on top of important online events that affect your web traffic.


 As you are not going to get your marketing very well all the time so, keep analyzing what is working and not working for your marketing. There are some tools available to analyze and monitor whether you are moving towards your goals and producing the kind of result you want.


Keep track of what type of marketing trend is in, as it will indicate what type of content was helpful toward audience and made an impact on them. Furthermore, try to remain updated by upcoming swings and dynamics on Social Media platform.


The use of marketing dashboards gives you the chance to make more informed decisions on a daily basis. In turn, this can reduce the cost and energy of your marketing efforts and improve their impact on your revenue cycle.


Invariably compare data and goals and keep a keen eye, whether you are moving towards your set goals or not. Otherwise, you will not have will have zero idea which strategies is paying off and which isn’t working right for you.


Don’t go by the set rules all the time. Let your creativity do the wonder by implementing new strategies and ideas. Think beyond the set limits and expand your view.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” — Pablo Picasso


Always share your final result with other companies as it will not only help you build your network but can point out flaws as well as can suggest something better.

Want to keep ahead of your competitors? ePromoters is providing you the major and well analyzed service of Social Media Marketing.  Our company has been the partner of biggest firm and helped them elevate their business due to perfectly plan strategies and experienced team member.

For further inquiry, feel free to contact us.




While reading this blog, the very first question that will arise is why it is important to have awesome graphic post?

        In this modern era of social networking., there are almost three billion people active on social media. Each day millions of people go through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and see content everywhere. But do you remember what that ad was for when you were scrolling down your newsfeed? Chances are, if they weren’t creative and fascinating enough you probably won’t remember it. The best thing to do for your brand is to create content that not only stands out but is visually memorable. 

Visual content helps you stand out and can have serious impact at just first glimpse. Creative and interesting social media graphic is key to leverage your business.

Here are some prodigious tips on how to create eye-catching social media graphic post:


Color is one of the most important aspect of an attractive media post. It helps in in realizing what a creator wants to convey as each color has psychology behind.  Always use bright and bold colors accordingly, if you are working for a firm keep the color scheme according to theme. Color plays a major role in the final output of your overall social media graphic design.

“Color is a power which directly influences the mind
  • SIZE:

A graphic with inadequate size displays lousy resolution. So always tailor your graphics to the sizes and preferences of the respective social media platform.


Make typography the focus of your graphic. Always use size difference when you want to discriminate to ideas. For instance:  write slogans in a loud, decorative font and combine it with an icon for a design with impact.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs
  • CREATIVITY: Creativity is the fundamental tip to attract audience. Whether you are working for media post or your flyer, creativity should be your consideration. Create a variety when posting for your social media content.  Keep in mind that social media pages that are appealing are more likely to be shared and will ultimately increase engagement. Remember that the most visually dominant feature in your design will be the most important part of the message. 

“ePromoters have been working on providing its best services of being Social Media Manager. We have worked with lots of companies and institutes and leveraged their business to the next level.

           Don’t feel like you have that level of creativity in you? We have an entire design team that would love to transform your brand. Contact us today to make the images in your mind become a reality online”.

what are different types of pages



Facebook enables businesses to have multiple people act as managers of their Pages. This is convenient, but it also poses a security risk. If an employee no longer works for the company, but still has complete access to its Facebook Page, trouble could ensue. That’s why it’s important to understand the different types of roles for Page managers and to restrict who has all-access to the Page and whose access is limited.

Here is a list of each type of Page role and what each role is permitted to do on the Facebook Page, beginning with the roles that have the most control and accessibility.

Image credit: Fb

1. Admin

The admin has the most authority and access of all the Page manager roles. An admin can also do anything any other role can do, including:

  • Edit the page and add apps
  • Create and delete posts
  • Send messages via the Page
  • Respond to and delete comments and posts to the Page
  • Remove and ban people from the Page
  • Create ads
  • View Page Insights (analytics about the Page)
  • See who published as the Page

2. Editor
The editor has all of the access of an admin, except for assigning Page roles and managing settings.

3. Moderator
The moderator is a role best fit for an employee who handles customer service for a business. A moderator can answer questions and respond to comments, but cannot create content for the Page. A moderator can also remove and ban people from the page, create ads and view Page Insights.

4. Advertiser

The advertiser role is set up for anyone who creates ads for the Page. This role also has permission to view Page Insights.

5. Analyst

An analyst has the least amount of control and access of all the Page roles and can only view Facebook Page Insights. An employee who works with content strategy and planning might be given the analyst role.

Credit: Axia Public Relations



With the change and evolution of modern technologies, small and medium businesses are doing everything they can to keep up, which can be said true for the rest of human society. Brick-and-mortar businesses are either changing their business models to an online one, or beefing up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace.

For it is the process of attracting targeted audiences online that will spell the difference between a successfully thriving business – and a failed one. Even if you receive tons of daily traffic to your website, they would not amount to anything unless they convert to leads or sales. In the digital arena where business and commerce are heading to, Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.

The following 10 reasons will show you why the use of digital marketing is not only investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can help you grow your business.

  1. Because Digital Marketing Levels the Online Playing Field
  2. Because Digital Marketing Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing
  3. Because Digital Marketing Delivers Conversion
  4. Because Digital Marketing Helps Generate Better Revenues 
  5. Because Digital Marketing Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences 
  6. Because Digital Marketing Caters to the Mobile Consumer 
  7. Because Digital Marketing Builds Brand Reputation
  8. Because Digital Marketing Provides better ROI for Your Marketing Investments 
  9. Because Digital Marketing Earns People’s Trust 
  10. Because Digital Marketing Entices People to Take Favorable Action 



There has been more advancement in the field of technology over the recent years which has led to the emergence of new techniques to manage and maintain the business activities. Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the most important part of these methods. There are enormous advantages to making use of our SEO agencies. The techniques we use at ePromoters have helped the commercial sectors to reach out to some unimaginable heights. The SEO experts we have; they take their responsibilities in the best way and have been a great support to various companies in different industries. Therefore, these days, most of the companies prefer to take up their marketing activities with us.

The methods which we use have been emerging as one of the perfect ways of managing the marketing activities in the business. These have led the business to a new international phase. Now businesspeople can quickly take up their trade points to a global level and increase the domestic and national yields. In the present era, the entire commercial world is dependent on these incredible SEO services of ours for uplifting their business idea. Therefore, setting up an SEO Agency can be considered as something that holds great importance at the present time. By making use of our approved methods, people can get quality results and can make their task even easier.

How can we help you in setting your SEO agency?

It is not a difficult task to set up your SEO unit. However, there are many things that you may need to take into consideration so that you become successful in getting the right and expected outcomes. This content will help you to establish your firm in the best way by making use of some of the techniques employed at ePromoters. Here are some points that you should try to consider to do things in the right order:

Build up credibility: Most of the customers will arrive at you by the introduction that is provided on your website. This will be an introduction to them about the work you are going to do for them. However, this may not be such an effective way of promoting your services. Therefore, it is better to build up credibility with the clients. Here are some points which you should try to focus on:

Spam the contact forms randomly that offer your SEO services.

You can also undertake to send direct messages that offer SEO services from you.  

These seem to be some of the direct methods of boosting up the number of customers for you. However, these are some of the best ways to get faster effects. You only need to use these tricks in a way that does not backfire your reputation in any way.

How to Establish Credibility?  

As per the past experiences and the set principles in the Search Engine Optimization, we can provide you with two examples of credibility,

Trustworthiness: Trust is an essential element that you need to have between you and your customers. Therefore, you should work on establishing trust. For this, you need to deliver promises and also work on commitments appropriately. This will be very helpful to continue to work in the long run.

Expertise: our company can help you by providing useful and relevant information to the customers. This will determine your skill in your work and will also help the customers to ascertain that your services are outstanding.  

Credibility takes the time to be established. However, this can be a better way of moving towards success and taking your SEO agency to new heights.

Why is Credibility important?  

There are numerous SEO firms at the present date, and there is a sufficient amount of competition also. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, it is imperative that we establish proper credibility with the customers in the market. This will help us to make our place in the industry and get more and better opportunities. There are some brands which usually avoid the negative involvement of the SEO. Therefore, it is important that we establish credibility in the market and ensure the best working of our SEO unit. Without any indicators of critical credibility, we will not be able to attract a good number of clients if we are new.    

It is clear that if we are in search of new and incredible opportunities, it is important to establish credibility in the best possible manner right from the beginning.

How can we demonstrate our credibility in the Digital Marketing Business?

Here are some ways by which we can assure the best means of working. Considering these will prove to be useful for others:

  • Showing our expertise: Ranking does not mean everything we also need to specialize in some things. Always try to tell the work you are specialized in, this will let the customers choose the services they desire. Also, they will be sure that we can handle the task in the best possible manner. This is a critical thing that will attract more customers towards our firm. Everybody wants that the services they are getting are specialized and can provide something different to them.  Therefore this can be something which our company offers and helps people in achieving success faster and in a better way.
  • Create Good Impression: we should always try to work in a way that can impress our clients. We always try to bring up some new ideas and work on them. This will be a great way of working different and better than others. We always work efficiently and keep our promises. We help people in taking up their commitments seriously so that other clients can trust them. This is very important, and we always try to work on it. Always ensure that there are no activities conducted that can lead to a bad name for our SEO Agency. It will also be good to offer some exclusive benefits to the clients so that we can take up their interest.  
  • Using Human Face: we always lay efforts that people can communicate with customers as a real person and not as a computer. Therefore, giving a personal touch to everybody’s deals is very necessary. Everybody wants to know the people they are dealing with so that they can trust them. Therefore, we provide experts with every client who perform their task easily and efficiently. This way we will also be able to let our employees learn some new tactics in their job. It can prove to be great to adopt this two-way action plan.
  • Encourage Positive Feedback: we always try to provide services in a way that can attract positive feedbacks from the clients. The positive comments can be very effective in attracting more opportunities to get better chances of credibility. We request our customers to send back some professional feedbacks with their names and several relevant data so that the other viewers can trust these. The feedbacks without names or another information seem to be fake and people will not rely on such comments when making decisions. We put additional techniques to get good feedback from our clients. These feedbacks can give our company a high rise by offering some attractive and profitable chances for credibility.    
  • Clear Case Studies:  we help in presenting the work of people in a real manner; in fact, it should be real. We always try to provide the people with the right information and a positive view towards a topic. This is important as the clients demand this from the services they are eagerly waiting. We also try to provide work for some likely and higher level companies so that they will also want to feature them on our pages. This will be an important step towards increasing the scope of our SEO agency. As such, we should never miss out any significant opportunity. Every time we get a chance to perform can be a moment which leads us to greater heights. It follows that taking up the appropriate steps in this respect is something vital. We help others to get a better ranking and to reach their desired goals.
  • Write Blogs Beautifully:  the content we forward to our clients is the most important game changer. We help people in making their content look more beautiful and attractive. The content writers of our company can provide with the most appropriate and relevant information to the clients and subsequently to the readers. We always try to put all our efforts into writing the best possible contents for the customer. People need to remember that an SEO Agency is always known by the work done by it. Therefore, we always work to bring out the contents that have the best works and can make it up to the mark. Considering this will undoubtedly lead clients to a new phase of success as best work is always appreciated.
  • Listen to discussions: our company is completely aware of the current debates on any topic. This will allow people to form the right view about any product. We always mention the right and appropriate things in our content before presenting it to the client. There are many more things which we offer to our customers to be able to work in the best manner and submit something worthy. There are many points provided by our company that can help the clients to be some of the best supporters of any companies or business units. Therefore, with our assist people can make themselves the best option among all the others and emerge as the best SEO Agency.
  • Handle the negativity positively: we always try to present the information that has something positive for the readers and the client. There are many negative points along with the positives of any topic. We help our clients in dealing with the negative points in a way that can give something positive to the readers.  This is the first skill involved in our work. We provide people with these facilities and helps them in becoming perfect in this, to be one of the best agencies for SEO. When we discuss the promotion of any products or services, then it is essential to focus on the positive points that they hold. However, it’s important for our agency to mention everything very clearly and in a way that they remain real. We know the perfect way of presentation to get the best benefits of the work done. This will also help people to have a better impression over their clients and also the readers of their content. Therefore, it is important for us to consider this point.
  • Feed our Blogs:  we usually involve all the information on our blog along with the discussions on different topics. This information should be all about our SEO Agency and the services and ways to contact us. So every time the readers approach towards our blogs, they will be able to know about us in different ways. This can prove to be something ideal for us as a way of advertising our SEO services. This will be the best way to notify the new readers that there are some new services available for them. In many cases, these blogs can be the parts of the front pages of the popular newspapers. Therefore, it will be the best to work for these points in the manner that they prove to be beneficial to ePromoters unit.
  • Bring on the Awards: Every unit wants that they can work out in a way, that they can become some of the topmost awards winning firms. We always try to find out the best opportunities and work on them to get the best benefits of it. We always try to build up our employees in a way that they can work to make the agency one of the most competitive ones. Moreover, getting some of the awards will add up to our additional points and will invite more of success towards us. Thus working in the best way can get us many important things that we desire in respect of our business.  
  • The six Ps of Personal Credibility: There are always some ground rules for all kinds of business so as to the SEO working and credibility also. These Ps are the ones as per which our work should take place and will always lead us to a better future for our SEO Agency. Therefore, it is important to consider them and then take up any of the further steps. Here are those:
  • Punctual: we always try to be punctual with our work. Delays are often annoying and can take away our clients from us. Therefore, we always try to submit all the orders on time with the best works. Our clients will always appreciate this.  
  • Polite: Polite behavior is another important thing that we include in our working. We always deal in the manner which makes our clients attracted towards us. This will also attract more customers for us as everybody wants to work with such dealers.
  • Presentable:   we always put more efforts to make our business presentable. We also make sure of that the tasks we are forwarding to the clients are presentable and will be appreciated. Along with our work, we offer facilities which help people in becoming presentable in the way of appearance and addressing the clients. We try to build the perfect confidence and the way of dealing with others. This is sometimes the most considered things by customers in the process of selecting their SEO agents.
  • Personable: we help people in getting concentrated when dealing with or talking to the clients.  We Listen to the demands of the clients properly and get to fulfill them appropriately. This is important as the client should not feel ignored.
  • Prepare: we are ever ready to accept the orders and challenges. We assist you and help you in getting prepared to face different clients and involve some new methods of working. This will assist people in becoming distinct from the others. We always try out for something new, which will be best for you as it will be able to invite some new customers and bigger orders for your firm.  

There is a sixth P also which is keeping promises. We are always loyal to the promises we made in respect of the work and keep our words by completing our work duly. If we do not keep our word for the clients, then it may result in a bad impression on them. Therefore, people should opt for the agency and improve their working style.

There is a great scope for ePromoters in the present day industry. And taking the points discussed above into consideration when setting up an SEO agency will go a long way in making sure that you are making big in your endeavor. They put you on the right track to success and getting an edge over your competition. Considering these will be the best decisions and take people to a new level of success.