While reading this blog, the very first question that will arise is why it is important to have awesome graphic post?

        In this modern era of social networking., there are almost three billion people active on social media. Each day millions of people go through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and see content everywhere. But do you remember what that ad was for when you were scrolling down your newsfeed? Chances are, if they weren’t creative and fascinating enough you probably won’t remember it. The best thing to do for your brand is to create content that not only stands out but is visually memorable. 

Visual content helps you stand out and can have serious impact at just first glimpse. Creative and interesting social media graphic is key to leverage your business.

Here are some prodigious tips on how to create eye-catching social media graphic post:


Color is one of the most important aspect of an attractive media post. It helps in in realizing what a creator wants to convey as each color has psychology behind.  Always use bright and bold colors accordingly, if you are working for a firm keep the color scheme according to theme. Color plays a major role in the final output of your overall social media graphic design.

“Color is a power which directly influences the mind
  • SIZE:

A graphic with inadequate size displays lousy resolution. So always tailor your graphics to the sizes and preferences of the respective social media platform.


Make typography the focus of your graphic. Always use size difference when you want to discriminate to ideas. For instance:  write slogans in a loud, decorative font and combine it with an icon for a design with impact.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs
  • CREATIVITY: Creativity is the fundamental tip to attract audience. Whether you are working for media post or your flyer, creativity should be your consideration. Create a variety when posting for your social media content.  Keep in mind that social media pages that are appealing are more likely to be shared and will ultimately increase engagement. Remember that the most visually dominant feature in your design will be the most important part of the message. 

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