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Daraz Affiliate Program Commission Rate: A Lucrative Opportunity for Earning Passive Income

Daraz Affiliate Program Commission Rate: A Lucrative Opportunity for Earning Passive Income 150 150 admin

In today’s fast-paced digital world, affiliate marketing has emerged as a popular way for individuals and businesses to earn passive income online. The Daraz Affiliate Program, in particular, has been gaining traction among content creators, bloggers, and social media influencers who seek to monetize their online presence. As one of the largest online marketplaces in Asia, Daraz offers an attractive commission rate to its affiliates, making it an enticing opportunity for those looking to capitalize on their online influence.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Before delving into the specifics of the Daraz Affiliate Program commission rate, let’s take a moment to understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy in which affiliates (promoters) earn a commission for driving traffic or generating sales for a merchant or an online marketplace like Daraz. Affiliates achieve this by placing unique affiliate links on their websites, blogs, or social media platforms, directing their audience to the merchant’s website.

Introducing Daraz Affiliate Program

Daraz, founded in 2012 and operating across South Asia, has become a household name for online shopping. With millions of products across various categories, Daraz attracts a massive customer base. To leverage this vast customer reach, the company introduced its Affiliate Program, inviting individuals and businesses to partner with them in promoting products and earning commissions on successful sales.

Commission Rate Structure

The commission rate is the most crucial aspect of any affiliate program, and Daraz understands this well. The company has structured its commission rates to be competitive and rewarding for its affiliates. While the rates may vary depending on the product category and promotional campaigns, the standard commission rate ranges from 3% to 11% of the product’s sale value.

  1. Electronics & Accessories: This category generally offers a commission rate of around 3% to 5%. Products such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and accessories fall under this category.
  2. Fashion & Beauty: With a broader audience, this category provides affiliates with a commission rate of approximately 5% to 8%. Fashion items like clothing, footwear, and beauty products contribute to this segment.
  3. Home & Living: Products related to home decor, kitchenware, and other home essentials come under this category, with commission rates ranging from 5% to 7%.
  4. Sports & Outdoor: This segment includes fitness equipment, sports gear, and outdoor products, offering a commission rate of approximately 6% to 8%.
  5. Automotive & Motorcycles: Affiliates promoting automotive and motorcycle products can earn a commission rate ranging from 5% to 7%.
  6. Books & Stationery: This category caters to book enthusiasts and stationery lovers, offering a commission rate of around 7% to 9%.
  7. Toys & Games: With a higher commission rate of about 7% to 9%, affiliates promoting toys and games can benefit from increased sales.
  8. Groceries & Pets: This category, encompassing daily essentials, pet supplies, and groceries, typically offers a commission rate of 6% to 8%.

Advantages of Joining Daraz Affiliate Program

  1. Massive Product Inventory: With millions of products available on Daraz, affiliates have a wide array of options to choose from for their promotional campaigns.
  2. Trusted Brand: As one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Asia, Daraz has gained the trust of millions of customers, which can positively impact conversion rates.
  3. High Commission Rates: The commission rates offered by Daraz are competitive compared to other affiliate programs, ensuring that affiliates can earn a substantial income.
  4. Real-Time Reporting: Daraz provides its affiliates with real-time reporting and analytics, allowing them to track their performance, monitor sales, and optimize their strategies accordingly.
  5. Promotional Support: Affiliates receive promotional materials, such as banners, product links, and marketing creatives, to enhance their promotional efforts.
  6. Cookie Duration: Daraz offers a reasonable cookie duration, typically ranging from 30 to 60 days, ensuring that affiliates receive credit for sales even if the customer doesn’t make an immediate purchase.

Tips for Success in Daraz Affiliate Program

  1. Choose the Right Niche: Select a niche that aligns with your interests and expertise to create engaging and relevant content for your audience.
  2. Quality Content Creation: Focus on producing high-quality content, such as product reviews, comparison articles, and engaging social media posts, to attract and retain your audience.
  3. Effective Promotion: Utilize various platforms and channels, such as blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your affiliate links.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on Daraz’s latest promotions, deals, and discounts to incorporate them into your marketing efforts and attract more potential buyers.
  5. Engage with Your Audience: Interact with your audience through comments, messages, and social media to build a loyal following and establish trust.

The Daraz Affiliate Program presents an excellent opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to capitalize on their online presence and earn passive income. With competitive commission rates across various product categories, real-time reporting, and promotional support, Daraz ensures that its affiliates have the tools and incentives needed to succeed. By following effective affiliate marketing strategies and staying dedicated to providing valuable content, affiliates can unlock the full potential of the Daraz Affiliate Program and establish a successful and rewarding online venture.

Disclaimer: Please note that commissions offered by the Daraz Affiliate Program are subject to change, and there may be fluctuations in commission rates due to Daraz’s policies and promotions. It is essential for affiliates to stay updated with the latest terms and conditions provided by Daraz to ensure accurate information about commission rates and other program details.

How to Sell More and Earn More on Daraz

How to Sell More and Earn More on Daraz 150 150 Mohammad Bin Inam

Daraz is Pakistan’s leading e-commerce platform, with over 100 million registered users. If you’re looking to sell more online, Daraz is a great place to start. Here are some tips on how to sell more on Daraz and earn more:

1. Sell popular products.

The first step to selling more on Daraz is to sell popular products. You can research the top-selling products on Daraz to see what’s in demand. You can also use Daraz’s product recommendation tool to find products that are similar to yours but are more popular.

2. Offer competitive prices.

Once you’ve chosen a product to sell, you need to offer competitive prices. You can check Daraz’s price history to see what other sellers are charging for similar products. You can also offer discounts and promotions to make your products even more attractive.

3. Create attractive product listings.

Your product listings should be well-written and informative. They should also include high-quality images of your products. Make sure to include all the relevant information about your products, such as the size, color, material, and shipping details.

4. Provide excellent customer service.

Customer service is essential for any successful e-commerce business. You need to respond to customer inquiries promptly and professionally. Make sure to resolve any customer issues quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

5. Participate in Daraz’s sales and promotions.

Daraz runs a variety of sales and promotions throughout the year. Participating in these events can help you reach a wider audience and boost your sales.

6. Use Daraz’s marketing tools.

Daraz offers a variety of marketing tools that you can use to promote your products. These tools include product listing optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing.

7. Focus on your niche.

If you sell a wide variety of products, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Instead, focus on a specific niche and become an expert in that area. This will help you attract customers who are specifically interested in the products you sell.

8. Build your brand.

Create a strong brand identity for your business. This will help you attract customers and build trust. Your brand should be consistent across all your marketing channels, including your website, social media, and product listings.

9. Be patient.

It takes time to build a successful business on Daraz. Don’t expect to see results overnight. Just keep working hard and providing excellent customer service, and you will eventually see success.


Following these tips can help you sell more on Daraz and earn more. Remember to focus on your niche, build your brand, and be patient. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve success on Daraz.

Additional tips:

  • Use high-quality images of your products.
  • Write clear and concise product descriptions.
  • Use relevant keywords in your product listings.
  • Offer free shipping or discounted shipping.
  • Promote your products on social media.
  • Run email marketing campaigns.
  • Respond to customer reviews promptly.
  • Offer refunds or exchanges if necessary.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success on Daraz.

Unlocking Intimate Pleasure: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Sex Toy on Daraz

Unlocking Intimate Pleasure: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Sex Toy on Daraz 150 150 admin

In this blog post, we’ll take readers on a journey of exploring the diverse range of sex toys available on Daraz. We’ll discuss how to choose the perfect toy based on individual preferences, desires, and experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner, we’ll offer valuable tips to ensure a satisfying shopping experience.

Strengthening Intimacy: Couple’s Sex Toys to Reignite the Spark

This topic will focus on the exciting world of couple’s sex toys available on Daraz. We’ll delve into the various options designed to enhance intimacy and communication between partners. From remote-controlled vibrators to playful games, we’ll explore how these toys can reignite the spark and deepen connections in a relationship.

Sexual Wellness: A Complete Guide to Caring for Your Sex Toys

In this informative post, we’ll emphasize the importance of maintaining sexual wellness by properly caring for sex toys. We’ll discuss cleaning and storage tips, as well as how to choose body-safe materials. By providing readers with knowledge on upkeep and hygiene, we’ll ensure their pleasure remains safe and worry-free.

Breaking Taboos: Empowering Conversations About Sexuality

This thought-provoking topic will explore the societal taboos surrounding sex and the importance of breaking free from judgment. We’ll discuss how Daraz’s inclusive approach to selling sex toys fosters open conversations about sexuality, self-discovery, and empowerment. Through this blog, we hope to encourage readers to embrace their desires without fear or shame.

Pleasure Beyond Borders: How Daraz Nepal Celebrates Sexual Empowerment

This post will focus on Daraz Nepal’s commitment to providing a safe space for individuals to explore sexual empowerment. We’ll highlight their efforts to create an inclusive environment and curate a diverse collection of high-quality sex toys. By showcasing Daraz Nepal’s dedication to celebrating sexual wellness, we aim to inspire readers to join this journey of embracing pleasure with confidence.

Please note that while these topics focus on the promotion of sexual wellness and empowerment, it’s crucial to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the sale of adult products in specific regions. Always ensure that the content complies with the platform’s guidelines and community standards. MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE 600 300 admin

AE Amazon site

Amazon collects the lower of the applicable fees stated below and any fees communicated to you by Amazon (such as promotional fees that Amazon may provide from time to time). This does not apply to certain sellers, such as warranty providers and other service providers, who will continue to pay selling fees in accordance with the rates provided in their program agreements. charges by category of the product, as listed below.

Categories Referral Fee
Apparel 15%
Automotive 10%
Baby 9%
Beauty 9%
Books 10%
Camera 5%
Consumer Electronics 5%
Electronics Accessories 10%
Furniture 10%
Gift Cards 5%
Grocery 9%
Health & Personal Care 9%
Home 10%
Jewelry 15%
Kitchen 10%
Luggage 15%
Major appliances 5%
Mobile Phones 4%
Music 10%
Music instruments 15%
Office products 10%
Outdoor 10%
PC store 5%
Perfumes 14%
Personal care Appliances 9%
Pet Products 9%
Portable Audio 10%
Shoes 15%
Small Appliances 10%
Sports 10%
Stamps collectibles 10%
Tools 10%
Toys 10%
Video & DVD 10%
Video Game Consoles 5%
Video Games 10%
Watches 15%
Wireless 10%
All Other Categories 10%
daraz commission MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE MARKETPLACE COMMISSION STRUCTURE 1024 576 Khatijah Mehmed deducts commission from the seller payment depending on which category the product belongs to. So find the category of your product and know exactly how much you will be charged as commission

You can find below the commission charged by Daraz, as per the specific category of the product.

Category Sub Category Commissions
  Home Appliances  
Home Appliances All other Home Appliances 2.50%
  Computers & Laptops  
Computer Accessories Uninterrupted Power Supply 5.10%
Computer Accessories All Computer Accessories 12.90%
Computers Components All Computer Components 4.30%
Desktop Computers All Desktops Computers 4.30%
Laptops All Laptops 1.70%
PC Gaming Gaming Desktop Computers 1.70%
PC Gaming Gaming Laptops 1.70%
PC Gaming PC Games 4.30%
PC Gaming All other PC Gaming 12.90%
Printers & Accessories Fax machines 6.00%
Printers & Accessories Ink 6.00%
Printers & Accessories Inkjets Inks 6.00%
Printers & Accessories Printer cutter 6.00%
Printers & Accessories Printer memory modules 6.00%
Printers & Accessories Printer Stands 6.00%
Printers & Accessories All other Printers & Accessories 5.10%
Scanners All Scanners 6.00%
Storage All Storage 4.30%
Tablet Accessories All Tablet Accessories 12.90%
Computers & Laptops All other Computers & Laptops 8.60%
Automotive Auto Oils & Fluids 4.30%
Automotive Motorcycle & ATV - Motorcycles 2.50%
Automotive All other Automotive 8.60%
Motorcycle ATVs & UTVs 2.50%
Motorcycle Cruiser Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Custom Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Electric Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Hyperunderbone 2.50%
Motorcycle Moto oils & Fluids 4.30%
Motorcycle Offroad Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Scooters 2.50%
Motorcycle Sportbikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Standard Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Touring Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Trailers for Bikes 2.50%
Motorcycle Underbone 2.50%
Motorcycle All other Motorcycle 8.60%
Motors All other Motors 8.60%
  TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables  
Home Entertainment All Home Entertainment 5.10%
Live Sound & Stage Equipment All Live Sound & Stage Equipment 5.10%
Smart Speakers All Smart Speakers 5.10%
Audio All other Audio 8.60%
Nintendo Consoles 4.30%
Nintendo All other Nintendo 5.10%
Other Gaming All Other Gaming 12.90%
PlayStation Consoles 1.70%
PlayStation Controllers 5.10%
PlayStation Digital Downloads 5.10%
PlayStation Games 5.10%
PlayStation PlayStation VR Headsets 1.70%
PlayStation All other PlayStation 12.90%
Xbox Consoles 1.70%
Console Gaming All other Console Gaming 5.10%
Games All Games 5.10%
Gaming Accessories All Gaming Accessories 12.90%
Gaming Consoles All Gaming Consoles 1.70%
Nintendo 3DS Consoles 1.70%
Nintendo DS Consoles 1.70%
Nintendo Switch Consoles 1.70%
Other Gaming All Other Gaming 12.90%
PS Vita Consoles 1.70%
PS3 Consoles 1.70%
PS4 Consoles 1.70%
PSP Consoles 1.70%
Wii Consoles 1.70%
Wii U Consoles 1.70%
Xbox 360 Consoles 1.70%
Xbox One Consoles 1.70%
Gaming All other Gaming 8.60%
Home Audio & Theater All Home Audio & Theater 5.10%
Televisions All Televisions 2.50%
TV Accessories All TV Accessories 8.60%
Fitness & Activity Tracker Accessories All Fitness & Activity Tracker Accessories 12.90%
Fitness & Activity Trackers All Fitness & Activity Trackers 3.40%
Gesture Control All Gesture Control 12.90%
Smart Glasses All Smart Glasses 3.40%
Smart Trackers All Smart Trackers 3.40%
SmartWatches All SmartWatches 3.40%
Smartwatches Accessories All Smartwatches Accessories 3.40%
Virtual Reality Mobile VR 4.30%
Virtual Reality PC VR 4.30%
Virtual Reality All Virtual Reality 12.90%
Wearable Technology All Wearable Technology 3.40%
TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables All other TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables 8.60%
  Bags and Travel  
Bags and Travel All Bags and Travel 8.60%
  Bedding & Bath  
Bedding & Bath All Bedding & Bath 12.90%
Camera Accessories Memory Cards 4.30%
DSLR All DSLR 3.40%
Instant Camera All Instant Camera 3.40%
Lenses All Lenses 3.40%
Mirrorless All Mirrorless 3.40%
Optics All Optics 3.40%
Point & Shoot All Point & Shoot 3.40%
Video & Action Camcorder All Video & Action Camcorder 3.40%
Cameras All Other Cameras 5.10%
  Charity and Donation  
Charity and Donation All Charity and Donation 0.00%
Boys Fashion Bags 8.60%
Boys Fashion All other Boys Fashion 14.60%
Girls Fashion Bags 8.60%
Girls Fashion All other Girls Fashion 14.60%
Kids Fashion All Kids Fashion 14.60%
Kids Unisex Fashion All Kids Unisex Fashion 14.60%
Men - Clothing Traditional Clothing / Unstitched Fabric 12.90%
Women - Clothing Traditional Clothing / Unstitched Fabric 12.90%
Fashion All other Fashion 17.20%
  Furniture & Décor  
Furniture All Furniture 8.60%
Furniture & Décor All other Furniture & Décor 12.90%
Groceries All Groceries 3.40%
  Health & Beauty  
Medical Supplies All Medical Supplies 8.60%
Over The Counter Medicines All Over The Counter Medicines 6.00%
Services All Services 8.60%
Health & Beauty All other Health & Beauty 12.90%
  Home & Living  
Furniture All Furniture 8.60%
Home & Living All other Home & Living 12.90%
Appliances Parts & Accessories All Appliances Parts & Accessories 8.60%
Cooling & Heating Air Conditioning 2.50%
Cooling & Heating Air Treatment 4.30%
Cooling & Heating Exhaust Fans 8.60%
Cooling & Heating Fans 8.60%
Cooling & Heating Heaters 4.30%
Cooling & Heating Water Heaters 4.30%
Cooling & Heating All other Cooling & Heating 2.50%
Generators & Portable Power All Generators & Portable Power 3.40%
Irons & Garment Steamers All Irons & Garment Steamers 8.60%
Kitchen Appliances Cooktops & Ranges 6.00%
Kitchen Appliances Gas Stoves 5.10%
Kitchen Appliances Microwaves & Parts 4.30%
Kitchen Appliances Ovens 5.10%
Kitchen Appliances Range Hoods 6.00%
Kitchen Appliances Warming Drawers 6.00%
Kitchen Appliances Water Dispensers, Purifiers & Filters 5.10%
Kitchen Appliances All other Kitchen Appliances 3.40%
Large Appliances Cooktops 6.00%
Large Appliances Dish Washers & Dryers 3.40%
Large Appliances Electric Grills 6.00%
Large Appliances Freezers 3.40%
Large Appliances Hoods 6.00%
Large Appliances Ice Makers 8.60%
Large Appliances Lifestyle Appliances 8.60%
Large Appliances Microwaves & Ovens 4.30%
Large Appliances Ranges & Hobs 6.00%
Large Appliances Refrigerators 3.40%
Large Appliances Sinks 8.60%
Large Appliances All other Large Appliances 3.40%
Lighting All Lighting 12.90%
Sewing Machines All Sewing Machines 8.60%
Small Kitchen Appliances Bakeware & Pastries 12.90%
Small Kitchen Appliances Coffee Machines & Accessories 8.60%
Small Kitchen Appliances Cooktops 5.10%
Small Kitchen Appliances Electric Grills 5.10%
Small Kitchen Appliances Microwaves & Ovens 4.30%
Small Kitchen Appliances Water Dispensers 5.10%
Small Kitchen Appliances All other Small Kitchen Appliances 8.60%
Vacuums & Floor Care All Vacuums & Floor Care 8.60%
Washers & Dryers All Washers & Dryers 3.40%
  Kitchen & Dining  
Coffee & Tea All Coffee & Tea 8.60%
Kitchen & Dining All other Kitchen & Dining 12.90%
  Laundry & Cleaning  
Laundry & Cleaning All Laundry & Cleaning 12.90%
Livestock All Livestock 2.50%
  Media, Music & Books  
Books All Books 12.90%
eBooks All eBooks 12.90%
Magazines All Magazines 12.90%
Media, Music & Books All other Media, Music & Books 8.60%
  Mobiles & Tablets  
Landline Phones All Landline Phones 8.60%
Mobiles All Mobiles 2.50%
Tablets All Tablets 3.40%
Tablets 2-in-1 All Tablets 2-in-1 3.40%
Mobiles & Tablets All other Mobiles & Tablets 12.90%
  Mother & Baby  
Baby Health Care All Baby Health Care 6.00%
Clothing & Accessories All Clothing & Accessories 14.60%
Diapering & Potty All Diapering & Potty 3.40%
Feeding All Feeding 3.40%
Mother & Baby All other Mother & Baby 8.60%
  Pet Supplies  
Pet Supplies All Pet Supplies 3.40%
Sample All Sample 0.00%
  Service Product  
Service Product All Service Product 0.00%
  Special Digital Products  
Special Digital Products All Special Digital Products 1.50%
  Special Promotion  
Ramadan All Ramadan 8.60%
School Holidays Sale Back To School 8.60%
  Sports & Outdoors  
Exercise & Fitness Cardio Equipment 4.30%
Shoes & Clothing All Shoes & Clothing 17.20%
Sport Watches All Sport Watches 17.20%
Sport Watches & Sunglasses All Sport Watches & Sunglasses 17.20%
Sports Nutrition All Sports Nutrition 3.40%
Sports & Outdoors All Sports & Outdoors 8.60%
  Stationery & Craft  
Paper Products Computer Form Paper 3.40%
Paper Products Copier Paper 3.40%
Paper Products Fax Paper Rolls 3.40%
Writing & Correction All Writing & Correction 3.40%
Stationery & Craft All other Stationery & Craft 4.30%
  Tools, DIY & Outdoor  
Lawn & Garden Outdoor & Gardening Power Tools 3.40%
Outdoor All Outdoor 8.60%
Power Tools All Power Tools 8.60%
Tools, DIY & Outdoor All Tools, DIY & Outdoor 12.90%
Topup All Topup 0.00%
  Toys & Games  
Toys & Games All Toys & Games 8.60%
Toys, Kids & Babies All Toys, Kids & Babies 8.60%
  Watches Sunglasses Jewellery  
Watches Unisex - Sports 3.40%
Watches Women - Sports 3.40%
Watches Sunglasses Jewellery All other Watches Sunglasses Jewellery 17.20%
  Digital Goods  
Daraz Gift Cards All Daraz Gift Cards 0.00%
Financial Services Insurance 4.30%
Games, Gift Cards & Software All Games, Gift Cards & Software 1.70%
Home Services All Home Services 4.30%
Local Vouchers Activities and Entertainment 4.30%
Local Vouchers Apparel & Fashion 8.60%
Local Vouchers Beauty and Wellness 12.90%
Local Vouchers Food and Beverages 8.60%
Local Vouchers Hotels & Travel 6.00%
Digital Goods All other Digital Goods 4.30%